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All Nations Christian Fellowship, Vancouver BC

Highbourne Tower, New Westminster, BC

Highbourne Tower, New Westminster, BC

About Us

Incorporated in 2001, VVV Engineering Ltd. is an experienced building science consulting firm located in Burnaby, BC. VVV Engineering Ltd. provides professional consulting services for the residential and commercial sector; specializing in Building Envelope Design, Architectural Envelope Design, Structural Design, Failure Analysis, Materials Inspections, Roofing and Contract Administration for both new construction and rehabilitation projects. We possess expertise in Building Envelope Investigations & Assessments and Building Envelope Design.

Our team includes 5 full-time project consultants, 5 in-house technicians and 4 office management and administrative staff.

We recognize the interrelationships between mechanical systems and building enclosures and how their design and operation impacts on building performance and occupant health & comfort. Because VVV Engineering Ltd.’s network of activities are focused on the Greater Vancouver area we have developed an expansive working knowledge of the architecture and building performance issues unique to the Canadian West Coast.

As specialists we strive to remain current with all design and technological advancements. To this end, our members pursue their continued professional development by frequently attending building performance conferences, educational courses and seminars (including the Building Envelope Program and the Advanced Building Sciences Seminar), in addition to formal courses related to Contract Administration, the BC Building Code, the Vancouver Building By-Law, specification writing and law in engineering. This professional involvement enhances our abilities in responding to Client needs and expectations to the benefit of both building durability and occupant health.

We are pleased to offer our Professional Engineering Services and welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss the ways in which we can complement your project team.

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